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Erie County Fair Marching Band

The 2019 Erie County Fair Marching Band

Come see these talented students perform daily at the fair, August 7-18, 2019, and check back in April 2020 for information about joining next year's band!

The Erie County Fair Marching Band's purpose is to excite crowds with entertaining songs dating back to the 70's through today, allowing students to experience new music and genres they may not have a chance to in their regular school band programs.

Participation in the band is a great opportunity for students to play their instruments, spin flags, or even learn something new during the summer months, while making new friends and gaining confidence through performance.

Participation Perks:

Free Daily Admission

Free Daily Parking

Free Admission for 4 Guests

Free Food Vouchers

Free Ride Passes

Free Pepsi Products

Free Erie County Fair / Pepsi Hat and Polo Shirt